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Explore, Love and Learn.

Our authentic montessori approach provides our kids an unparalleled education which helps them to help themselves to love what they learn.

Give the gift of Confidence and Compassion.

Any successful career starts with good education. At our school, We love our children to develop confidence, compassion and leadership skills.

Succeed as an Independent and Adaptive Self starter

We have the joy and passion to enrich our children to be independent and we provide continuous motivation to adapt and be a self starter

A Perfect avenue for Self Establishment.

Its actually the time and space which nurtures them into a great personality in our community. With us, Our children not only develops confidence but we always help them to help themselves for their self Establishment.

About Alphabets

The early stage of education is very important for our children where Alphabets take the utmost care for education, inspiration and enrichment of them. We provide them a very safe, caring and great environment and space where they develop the love towards learning and education. On top of everything, our authentic Montessori approach will not only provide the knowledge, but also give them the capablity to develop the internal qualities to become a better individual in our community.

Why Choose Us?

At Alphabets, we see our aim in providing care and a prepared learning environment which is tailored to each individual child’s needs, in safe, secure, happy and relaxed surroundings. We follow a hollistic approach as the Association of Montessori International principles. We are new to our community and we are growing. There are no compromise with Alphabets when it comes to the learning environment for our children. We are proud to say that bring the best in class infrastructure and environment which our kids will love. We are committed to your children’s success. More the the environment of the school, we provide only Organic and Non GMO food for the children. We are a Nut Free environment as well.
Certified Teachers
Organic & Nut Free
AMI Principles

Why Montessori?

You, as a parent should also know about the core capabilities of the kids which they are going to gain as they learn through the authentic montessori way. It is important that your children develops confidence and compassion. At the same time, it is equally important that a parent should be confident enough that they are providing the right way of education. Watch this video from the founders of google. Our responsibility don't stop by educating our children but also every single individual of our community.

Our Programs

In Alphabets Montessori, the programs are designed through AMI based authentic Montessori principles by understanding the development needs of each individual.

For Approx 16 Months to 3 Years

Our Teachers

Vice President & Executive Head of School

Children's House Directress

Toddler Directress